Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

Lighting is the heart and soul of interior designing, irrespective of whether it’s residential or commercial. It’s something that add up grace in any space.

But keep in mind, as a designer it is very important to use lighting effectively as much as possible because overuse of lighting can destroy the vibe of the entire space. Using effective lighting can have a huge impact on the mood and ambience of any place.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of lighting in interior of any space and what kind of impact it can create.

Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

1. Setting The Mood

Good lighting can have a huge impact in enhancing the mood. Bright lights in a space can create a energetic and lively atmosphere on the other hand soft and warm light can add coziness in the space.

Keep in mind, choose the intensity and colours of the lights according to space you want to create. If you are designing a space choosing bright lights will be an amazing option, but if you are planning to design a bedroom, warm lights would be a great option.

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2. Adding Aesthetic Vibes

If you are a Gen-z, I am sure you want each and everything around you should be aesthetic and give out cool & positive vibes. Adding neon or warm lights in your room or around your desk, can change the overall look and feel of the place.

3. Psychological Impact

You might get amazed after knowing this, that lighting can have a major psychological impact too, it can impact the productivity of an employee working in a office, or enhance customer mood while they are shopping or eating food in a hotel or hanging out in a club or cafe with their friends.

This shift or enhancement in mood can drastically impact a business growth and it’s customer experience.

4. Increases Functionality

Use the lighting while designing an interior, effectively helps in increasing the functionality of a space. It makes working easier and ensures proper safety and security.

While designing interior of a corporate it’s very important to ensure the entire space is fully functional and lights are added even in the smallest corner of the space, to ensure proper safety of the employees.

Adequate lighting in staircases, hallways and other places can be also helpful in preventing accidents

5. Creates a Welcoming Environment

Adding lighting on the entrance, and in the living room creates a welcoming environment, and can become major source of attraction for your guests and potential clients/customers.

I hope our brief article on the importance of lighting in interior design was insightful as well as helpful for you.

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